Monday, September 27, 2010

Car switch

The block on the 180sx seems to be warped and with Japan trip coming up rebuilding the motor can not financially happen. So the decision was made and the car switch began. I hire a local shed to use for storage so the 180 was winched onto my trailor and sent down there to be swapped with the crashed S15. A few hours later the S15 was stripped of everything and the reall work began. Ill get some photos tonight, ive ordered the tube i need to do a full tube frame front end so it should be a cool little budget practice car.

Project brief.

Full weight S15
Tube frame front end
Alloy radiator and intercooler
My custom knuckles, LCA, Tie Rods and Caster Arms
2 Bride Buckets
2 way diff
Home made half cage

The previose owners miss fortune


oxymoron said...

Damn, sounds like a lot of work. Keen to see the pics.

Nigel said...

To be honest its hardly any work at all. if i had the proper tools and workshop it would be done in half a day. All the tube has to hold is the guards, caster rods, intercooler, rad, headlights and bonnet latch. Thers a few new pics up now.

Landberg said...

Another project from you, will follow this aswell :)

But will this be the end of the 180?

Ayasha Kieth said...

Woohh... Sad to know what happened to that car, but that's a great project for you... LOL

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